Web & Mobile Application Development

Get A Tailored Software Solution Meant For Your Business

At MiniLogics, we size up our customers and tailor customized solutions that fit their unique business processes. We know that each one of you has your own way of working so instead of selling you any default product or solution we put your convenience on top and provide you exactly what you want.

  • Custom web applications
  • Custom android application
  • Custom enterprise solution
  • Custom iOS application
  • Custom enterprise mobility application
  • Custom eCommerce solution

You Need Tools

Be it a simple application or a complex one, desktop or mobile, cloud-based or local, we pick just the right tools for you.

Full Stack

Full Stack means an engineer who is proficient in using both front-end technologies and back-end technologies. Which means he/she holds proficiency in databases, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, XML etc. and converting designs to front-end code to improve UI/UX.

LAMP Stack

LAMP Stack refers to an engineer who is capable of building dynamic web applications and websites by using four tech-components: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. LAMP stack limited to its these four components and are largely substitutable like you can use Python in place of PHP for more complex applications.

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack refers to an engineer who has proficiency in a bundle of JavaScript based technologies to build a dynamic web application. MEAN Stack is originally an acronym of four tech-components: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.